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02-Nov-2017 19:46

I know that sounds a little crass, but there’s really no doing it justice unless you’ve watched this scene. Ryan wants to take Bentley to Alabama for Thanksgiving and Maci wants to take him to Texas. If you guessed “not to Mackenzie’s house followed by a trip to visit Jen and Larry’s kin,” you got it in one. Considering Ryan’s track record when it comes to being there for Bentley, it’s a surprise that the kid even gives it a lot of consideration (but that’s probably mostly for Jen and Larry’s sake).Picture it: On one side of the screen, Tyler’s mom is cackling, her eyes wide, her hair flying everywhere, as she extolls the virtues of "hitting it from the back." On the other, Tyler is making this face, because he’s a boy and that’s his mom and WAIT!!!! Speaking of Jen and Larry, they aren’t happy with Maci. The right thing in this situation, to be honest, is to do whatever Bentley wants to do.And it’s no wonder, her body has perfect hourglass shape.Meade wears 34C bra size and her breasts are all natural.Before the party, though, Tyler informed Catelynn that he’s ready to have another baby — a boy this time — and wanted her to get right on board. ); it makes sense that she’d be worried that another pregnancy could mean more postpartum depression.Tyler wants a kid by next year, though, so expect this to be an ongoing theme this season and place your bets on whether the Baltierras will announce a pregnancy sometime soon.

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Her figure attracted many fans to her morning show Morning Express with Robin Meade.At Nova’s party, which is well-attended and looks real fun (and also offers us a nice shot of Nova literally eating off a knife), Butch gives his granddaughter a beautifully made sleeveless shirt that says #Free Butch and features his handsome mug front and center.Everyone laughs and laughs (except Tyler, who probably wants to smash a bottle against a wall and shout “is sobriety a motherfucking joke to you?The reality-TV contestant you hate in the best way, she’s also the model whose RBF and walk (she named her “company” Signature Walk, Inc.) are unmatched. Kim’s super-awkward catwalk and general lack of modeling skills still got her in the top five. The stunning Somalia-born Fatima makes money actually modeling.

Since the show, she’s also talked about launching a shoe line and releasing a cookbook. The show’s first openly gay contestant bounced back from her loss and became an MTV VJ (she interviewed John Edwards) and now works on Wall Street. One of the few contestants who’s landed high-end runway shows consistently, Fatima boasts an impressive portfolio despite placing third.In 2004, she was voted “Sexiest Newscaster” by a Playboy online poll, gaining 40% of all votes.

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